Our process starts deep in the forests of China where exotic species like Eucalyptus and Acacia can be found.  Our suppliers harvest trees selectively: meeting CFS’s high standards and local/international harvesting regulations.  As stewards of this renewable resource we are fully Lacy Act compliant, supporting the long-term sustainability of forests and forest products.


Material Selection:

Because of our commitment to quality, CFS suppliers select only the finest Oaks and exotics and ensure minimal impact to the landscape and surrounding ecosystem.


Our Bamboo harvesting is an eco-friendly process. Bamboo can regenerate quickly, unassisted, and can be regrown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our bamboo is harvested at 5-6 years, the optimum age for strength and durability, and because of its fast growing capabilities the risk of deforestation is essentially eliminated.


Lumber Preparation:

Raw materials are stacked into similar size piles and then transported to the manufacturing facilities for cutting.



The wood goes through several sawing machines.  Each individual piece is trimmed until the correct thickness and size is attained.



After the proper thickness and size has been attained, the boards are prepped for kiln drying in a computer controlled temperature process. The planks are then racked and stacked for a period of two weeks for balance.


Quality Inspection:

Each board is inspected and tested ensuring that all of the elements of the process have been accomplished to specification. Boards are subjected to inspection at each step of the manufacturing process.


Tongue and Groove:

This stage of the process allows each plank to be properly constructed for connectivity to another plank. Proper milling is a vital.  Each plank must fit perfectly into the adjacent plank.  State-of-the-art milling tools and close inspection ensure this process is handled with 100% accuracy.



Planks are sanded multiple times during this stage to ensure a smooth surface before coating. Further inspection takes place at this step as a final review before the coating is applied.



The coating line is the final manufacturing stage during which time the protective finish is carefully applied. This step is vital for the longevity of the product. The planks are sent through a coating machine where a series of coats of a durable finish are applied. The product undergoes one final inspection  to make sure coating was applied evenly and that the final product is ready to ship.


Packaging and Shipping:

Finally the finished flooring is boxed, labeled and shipped. The flooring is shipped exclusively to the U.S. in either 20’ or 40’ containers. Upon arrival the product is ready for immediate installation where its beauty, quality, and durability can be enjoyed for years to come.