Going Green

From our inception CFS has championed sustainable design, environmental protection and a small carbon footprint.  Consistent with this vision bamboo flooring became our first product line in 2002 when we introduced Premium Green Bamboo brand flooring.  Later we introduced Enviro-Cork brand flooring which is also considered a "green" product.


The following is a brief overview of why bamboo and cork are considered eco-friendly, green building materials:


Bamboo is considered a rapidly renewing natural resource. The bamboo plant, which actually belongs to the grass family, is the fastest growing plant on Earth. At harvest time the bamboo pole is cut leaving the root system alive and intact. Bamboo can completely regenerate to its full mass in just six months, growing up to three feet per day. A mature bamboo pole is harvested between five to seven years from the previous cut.


Bamboo as a raw material for building materials has two additional eco-friendly attributes.  Because bamboo regrows so rapidly and the root system stays intact, the harvest process doesn’t cause deforestation and erosion.  Also, bamboo grows consistently without the use of any pesticides or harmful chemicals.


Our contract manufacturing facility is located in the heart of the vast forests of East Asia.  This locational advantage reduces the manpower and energy resources required to transport the raw material to more distant facilities.


CFS offers bamboo in the traditional visuals of horizontal and vertical grain with a natural or carbonized coloration.  Our advanced manufacturing techniques have resulted in popular new product configurations like strand woven bamboo. Strand woven bamboo compresses smaller bamboo strands into a raw material that is actually harder than regular bamboo.


Strand woven bamboo material can be used to make a wider flooring plank which is a popular.  CFS was amongst the first to offer distressed, hand-scraped and wire brush strand woven bamboo. With more and more homeowners trying to live a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle, they appreciate the benefits of bamboo flooring.  CFS provides a wide variety of colors, widths and design configurations capable of complementing any design.


Extending the line of eco-friendly flooring products CFS also offers a unique collection of cork flooring called CFS Enviro-Cork brand flooring. Like bamboo, cork is an environmentally efficient product.  Cork is the bark of the Cork Oak tree.  The cork is sheared from the tree leaving the tree alive so that it can regrow cork bark.  A Cork Oak tree can live 150-200 years and its cork bark can be harvested up to twenty times.


CFS offers a wide variety of beautiful cork colors with unique patterns and styles.  For residential uses its resistance to humidity and its non-slip surface makes it especially suitable for the kitchen and bath.  It’s a luxurious and long-lasting alternative for other high-activity rooms.


At CFS we are committed to quality and to the preservation of the natural resources we all enjoy. Bamboo and cork products offer both quality and beauty dramatically enhancing the appeal of any room.  Additional enjoyment and satisfaction comes from the knowledge that CFS’s cork and bamboo flooring products are an eco-friendly alternative to other hard surface flooring products.