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Types of Flooring


Strand woven bamboo flooring is durable, innovative, and sustainable. We offer a selection of strand woven bamboo floors in smooth, hand scraped, and distressed.


Cork flooring is comfortable, unique, and earth-friendly.  We offer a variety of designer-friendly, click-lock cork floors in a range of colors and patterns.


Engineered hardwood flooring is sturdy, versatile, and long lasting.  We offer engineered floors in a range of styles, colors, and species to suit any design aesthetic.


Laminate flooring is modern, firm, and adaptable.  We offer easy-to-install laminate floors in classic, rustic and modern styles that look just like the real thing.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring is strong, classic, and will last a lifetime.  We offer solid hardwood floors in traditional and modern styles that will transform any home.

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Learning Center

CFS has years of experience in the flooring industry.  Use some of our expertise to help you during your flooring project.   

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From Log To Home

Sourcing for Quality - CFS only uses lumber harvested according to responsible forestry guidelines. Our strand woven bamboo flooring is made from properly harvested bamboo in its sixth year of growth. Exceeding Standards - All of our laminate cores and engineered substrates meet or exceed CARB II requirements.  
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Quality floors can be responsibly made.

From Log To Home

Modern Production - CFS uses modern facilities to insure our floors are made efficiently to lessen the impact on the environment. Quality Control - Our process of quality control starts by inspecting all of our raw goods before we accept them. We follow our floors every step of the way to make sure they are produced to our standards.
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CFS knows what is in each box of floors we sell.

From Log To Home

Warehouse Locations - CFS located our warehouses near ports to minimize transportation time and costs. Nationwide Distributions Chain - We have partnered with some of the best flooring distributors in the country. This allows us to consolidate shipments to keep emissions and prices low.
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Smart transit keeps our environment safe and prices down.

From Log To Home

Careful Process - CFS goes through our log-to-home process to make sure they floors in your home are safe for your family. High-Quality Flooring - Our quality control leads to flooring that will last a long time. We back our hard surface floors with a 50-year warranty to give you peace of mind.
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CFS cares about keeping your family safe.

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CFS is happy to introduce you to our new WPC Plank Woodland Collection. The collection comes in 6 embossed in register wood grain patterns so they look and feel like the real deal.

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CFS is always looking to update our products.  We just added 4 new colors to our Jackson Plank Collection.  You can now provide your customer with high-quality engineered hickory in 6 colors.